Virender Sehwag tries to outshine Sachin Tendulkar with a creative reply

Virender Sehwag tries to outshine Sachin Tendulkar with a creative reply

Sehwag tries to get Sachin stumped out.

Virender Sehwag
Virender Sehwag. (Photo Source: Twitter)

It used to be a treat to watch Virender Sehwag walk out to open the batting with Sachin Tendulkar in the Indian jersey. This duo was one of the most dominant opening forces back in those times. On the occasion of his partners’ 40th birthday, Sachin Tendulkar took it to Twitter to wish Viru. He did it in quite a unique way and it looked very creative.

Sachin first put up an ambiguous number at the start of his tweet. However, right it the next line, he made it clear that it wasn’t any GPS location. He wrote that it was the way his friend, Virender Sehwag used to score his runs. He ended the tweet by wishing him a very happy birthday. Sachin further shared a picture when the duo was sharing a laugh in a show called ‘What the duck’.

Not a GPS location, but the way my friend @virendersehwag used to smash runs! Happy Birthday, ‘Veer’u!,” wrote the Master Blaster on his Twitter account.

Sehwag thanks Sachin for the wonderful wishes

Sehwag seemed to be truly impressed with the tweet Sachin had put up for him. However, he isn’t one among those who just keep quiet and replies with a simple thank you. He came up with his own version of reply and stumped the Master.

While the former compared the way Sehwag scored runs with a GPS location, the latter compared Sachin’s run-scoring spree with the infinity symbol. He wrote that infinity is how much ‘God ji’ has scored in his career and thanked him for the wonderful birthday wishes.

‘∞ , not just a symbol, but when it came to scoring runs, that’s how much our God ji scored. Thank you very much for your wonderful creative wishes ‘Sach’In Paaji,’ Virender Sehwag wrote in his reply.

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