Waqar Younis blasts Kamran Akmal for his accusations

Waqar Younis
Waqar Younis. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Pakistan bowling legend Waqar Younis has finally broken his silence on the comments made by Kamran Akmal against him. Kamran Akmal had severely criticized the former bowler and held him responsible for the downfall of Pakistan cricket. Akmal had also stated that Waqar’s double spell as the Pakistan head coach took the level of cricket in the country backward instead of taking it forward.

The discarded wicketkeeper pointed out that the team’s ranking in all three formats of the game took a hit while Waqar Younis was in charge. He also held Younis responsible for dropping some of the most useful players from the team which resulted in a massive low in Pakistan cricket. Kamran further stated that the team was not happy with Waqar’s hardcore training schedule which started to take a toll on the players. However, Waqar Yonis has finally opened up on the issue.


Speaking about the comments made by Kamran Akmal, Waqar Younis chose to have a laugh. He replied to Kamran’s comments harshly and said that Kamran never got a chance to play under him except a few matches. Waqar stated that Kamran Akmal managed to score just 24 runs from the three Tests that he played under him which included three ducks. Waqar also threw light to Akmal’s horrible keeping record that saw the latter become a laughing stock for the world.

What Waqar had to say:

“I can only laugh at his comments. I don’t know how he claims to know so much about the team under me. He didn’t play any matches during my tenure. In my first tenure, he played three Test matches and made 24 runs including three ducks and the whole world knows about his keeping record. So after that if he complains about being dropped…” said Waqar Younis.

“Another thing is that after being dropped, they suddenly start speaking a lot. While they are in the team, Vicky bhai is good, Vicky bhai is the best! He’s complaining about me training players hard; perhaps if he was fit, he would have performed better. So he played those three Tests and then after that didn’t play for a few years so I don’t know where he is getting all these impressions about my coaching tenure from.” added the legend.

“As long as you keep playing these players, there’s no problem. Same goes for Umar Akmal. If he plays in the Pakistan team tomorrow then Mickey will become Mickey bhaijaan.”