Watch: Chanderpaul hits last ball six of Vass to win it for West Indies

Watch: Chanderpaul hits last ball six of Vass to win it for West Indies

Watch: Chanderpaul hits last ball six of Vass to win it for West Indies: Two of the most competent players from either side on most occasions face each other in the most crunching of situations. The final few overs and particularly the last over is a game of nerves, the one who holds on to the circumstances better often is on the winning end. Here we have a nail-biting situation as the West Indies and Sri Lanka played each other in the first ODI of the series.

The West Indies needed 10 runs of the last two balls; Chaminda Vass the best bowler in the Sri Lankan unit had the role of defending it in the ultimate over. Vass who is known for his precision and miserliness was to stop the unorthodox yet very effective Shivenarine Chanderpaul. One of the most experienced batsmen in the squad, and an unpredictable hitter.

Penultimate ball was done by the batsman for a boundary still the target was very much tough as there was only one ray of hope for the West Indies to win, a six of the last ball was the lone possibility. Vass bowled a low full toss, a very difficult delivery to get under and to manage the right elevation for a six. Still Chanderpaul trusting his skill went for the kill and launched into the shot.

The ball was in the air, travelling the long off fielder Mahela Jayawardene for maximum time thought it was his catch. All eyes were on the fielder and the fielder has his eyes glued on the ball. But no, the ball was far out of his reach, though not giving it up till the last moment Mahela jumped for it. The ball soared high above his head to land beyond the ropes and yes! There was the six West Indies needed to win. Chanderpaul won it for the West Indies, staying calm in the decisive, nerve whacking moments to hit the six of the last ball to take his team home.

Big celebrations followed and quite deservingly, this is a rare feat and the way they batted West Indies deserved to win this ODI.

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