Watch: Did Herschell Gibbs Drop the World Cup with this Catch?

Watch: Did Herschell Gibbs Drop the World Cup with this Catch?

Watch: Did Herschell Gibbs Drop the World Cup with this Catch?: The World Cup semi final match between South Africa and Australia is always expected to be a high energy, nail biting contest. In such matches both the teams give each other an equal competition and a run for their money. Outcomes of these contests are determined by nerves more than anything. South Africa over the years have been known for their short coming of holding on the moments which matter the most and thus they own the title ‘Chockers’. It was their best fielder this time Herschell Gibbs, we have seen him grab blinders, make unbelievable saves. But, caught in the moment Gibbs not only dropped Steve Waugh’s catch instead the World Cup trophy.

Steve Waugh the Australian skipper was leading the charge in the all important game. South Africa had set them a stiff 272 to win and they were at 152-3 in 38 overs. The match could have gone either way, wickets was what SA needed and then came a chance. Alan Donald, the best bowler they had was charging in, with an attacking field set, looking to take wickets.

Waugh clipped one off his pads into the air and there was Gibbs standing on the on side. The ball went straight into his waiting palms and he was on Cloud 9 with that catch, getting the Aussie skipper then would have surely tilted the game in their balance.

But, getting carried away, the fielder took his eye off the ball and caught the ball and while trying to throw it in the air and start the celebration Gibbs lost control of the catch and the ball rolled out of his hands and it got grounded. As the rule says, the fielder needs to be in complete control of the ball. Before he could get in full control the ball fell off his hands and this did not count as a wicket.
Waugh ensured he made Gibbs realise what was the importance of the catch. You dropped the Cup mate he said and quite literally, South Africa lost the match and Australia won the World Cup Trophy.

Here is the Video: