Watch: Kevin Pietersen hit a MS Dhoni style six in the BBL

Watch: Kevin Pietersen hit a MS Dhoni style six in the BBL

Watch: Kevin Pietersen hit a MS Dhoni style six in the BBL: The season of extravagant T20’s has started with the inception of the Big Bash League in Australia. All the big names who are either relieved or free from international duties are there to leave the crowd down under excited. Kevin Pietersen has been in talks for everything other than cricket all this while and with the BBL even he makes a comeback to some quality cricketing action. In the first match batting for the Stars against the Strikers KP not only hit a much useful half-century it was studded with fascinating hits.

This one in particular was in the penultimate over of the Stars innings, it was bowled wide of the off stump and Yorker length; as bowlers love to do in the death phase. The bowler has this as a safest option to prevent the batsmen from getting underneath the delivery. Pietersen almost premeditated the shot, predicting the line and type the bowler was going to bowl.

Went deep into his crease, moved towards the fifth stump to his right and the ball was there just the way he wanted it. Right in his zone, to be departed, deposited into the stands; and we know whether it is a twitter battle or a combat with a bowler KP doesn’t quite like missing on the lose ends left ahead of him. Though there was nothing wrong with the delivery but the way T20 has evolved these shots do come out and come out genuinely good.

The moment he launched into it, the short, swift and high impact motion into the shot and by the way the ball zoomed into the air in a perfect parabolic path it looked a Mahendra Singh Dhoni shot, something he hits very often in the Indian Premier League. The outcome was similar as well, though the cameras were focusing on rather expecting some fielder to get under it. The ball went all the way into the crowd for a six.

An ideal launch pad for the Stars as they set the Strikers a target of 149 and for Pietersen as well a noticeable and worthy knock in the season starter and what more can you ask for. Enjoy the video!