Watch: KSCA demonstrates superfast rainwater absorption at Chinnaswamy using Sub-Air system

Watch: KSCA demonstrates superfast rainwater absorption at Chinnaswamy using Sub-Air system

Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium
Groundsmen flood the Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium outfield with water during a demonstration of the newly installed subsurface aeration and vacuum-powered drainage system. (Photo by MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

The Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) has taken a major step in installing the Sub-Air drainage system at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru. They have set the benchmark for other state associations to follow. Recently, the KSCA officials demonstrated the newly installed system to the media. The video clearly shows that huge amount of water was sucked into the ground in a matter of very little time.

The iconic Chinnaswamy Stadium became the first ever cricket stadium to have a sub-surface aeration system combined with a vacuum powered drainage system. The new additions will now mean that the drainage system will start working as soon as raindrops fall on the surface of the stadium. This will thereby reduce the loss of overs in the game due to rain delays. The new system guarantees that the match can be resumed minutes after the rain subsides.

The next generation subsurface aeration and the vacuum powered drainage system have been installed by the KSCA with the help of SubAir, USA. Talking about the SubAir system, the system is capable of working 36 times faster than the normal drainage by the gravity. As soon as it starts raining, the system gets activated with the sensors and removes any standing water on the surface of the ground. As per the reports in OneIndia, the water gets evacuated at the rate of over 10000 litres per minute from the time it starts raining.

However, in order to get the new system installed, the Chinnaswamy stadium had to undergo a renovation. Truckloads of soils were needed, perforated pipes were layered and fine-grained sand was added before laying out Bermuda grass on the top surface. The technology is being used on a cricket stadium for the first time. It is a proven and tested formula in other sports like Rugby and Football.

Watch: KSCA demonstrates superfast rain water absorption at Chinnaswamy using Sub-Air system