Watch: Michael Carberry sets his bat flying in the BBL

Watch: Michael Carberry sets his bat flying in the BBL

Watch: Michael Carberry sets his bat flying in the BBL: The Big Bash League (BBL) 2014-15 season is a few days old and we have already seen so much action. The Australian domestic T20 league has attracted not only fans from around the world but international, to former cricketers who are relieved from national duties.

The amalgamation of experience and explosiveness has been the story of the BBL so far. In the Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide Strikers game, which had just begun, there was no real action. Michael Carberry the Scorchers opener batting at 7 off 13 balls was under quite some pressure. He was not quite able to break the shackles built on by the Strikers.

Carberry went for the kill on the 4th ball of the 4th over from Richardson. Charging the bowler he took a few steps down the pitch, a wild swing as he wanted to hit her out of the park. But, she dodged the bat and flew into the waiting gloves of the Strikers wicket-keeper. The momentum Carberry had put into the shot, with no impact with the ball, it stayed into the willow and off it went into the air.
Aiming to send the ball in the air, Michael Carberry instead set his bat flying. The bat went behind him almost parallel to the wicket-keeper on the leg side, a leg slip could have well come under attack if ever the fielder was there.

This is not the first time that Carberry has had this type of experience of a flying bat, previously in last year’s Ashes against Australia a Ryan Harris delivery divided his bat into two.
Be careful fielders, keep an eye across on the bats as well.

Here is the Video via (Sky Sports) :