Watch: Mitchell Starc & Kieron Pollard pollute the gentleman's game

Watch: Mitchell Starc & Kieron Pollard pollute the gentleman’s game

The awful incident took place in the 17th over. Pollard backed away from the delivery, but Starc did not stop even after realizing it. He continued and fired the ball towards Pollard’s legs as the ball narrowly missed from hitting him. This shot up Pollard’s blood, who flung the bat him out of anger.

However, the bat looked to have slipped out of his hand and dropped near him. Starc had made Pollard very furious who was steaming with anger.  He reaches out to the umpire and sternly complaints about the bowler’s conduct. Kohli, who was incidentally playing his 100th IPL match, tried to sort out the thing, but Pollard was still fuming. Both players were visibly angry and no one backed off. Starc had crossed the line of aggression.

It was Starc who provoked Pollard intentionally. He bowled a bouncer at Pollard the previous ball. Pollard tried to hook but was beaten. Starc did not stop there and went to exchange few words with him. Polly acted maturely and waved him off.

Ironically, Mitchell Starc was the one who had the last laugh. Pollard and Starc were face to face once again in the last overs. After a couple of full tosses and slower ones, Pollard missed a paddle shot but had to rush for a single as Rohit had left already. Parthiv Patel threw the ball to Starc who successfully ran him out. He gestured at Pollard and dislodged the bails to rub more salt to the insult.

Watch: Mitchell Starc & Kieron Pollard pollute the gentleman’s game: