Watch: MS Dhoni’s first coach talks about the young and old Dhoni

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

He has seen it all, the tough time and the glory but nothing has been able to change him, he is still that calm and grounded boy from Ranchi. That is how Mahendra Singh Dhoni is. Team Indian limited-overs skipper’s cricketing potential was first identified by his school coach and it was him who pushed him into cricket and helped him through the basics of the game. MS Dhoni achieved the greatest highs in international cricket but his coach Chanchal Bhattacharya feels that he is still the same.

In a brief chat with the Quint, he said that Dhoni’s best quality is that he is calm and believes in motivating his teammates. “Number one he is very disciplined in his approach and he is very clam player, never gets angry neither on the field nor off the field. Secondly I have seen a lot of situations when a player drops a catch or does a misfield he never gets angry and anxiety rather motivates them to do better.” The coach said.


When did he realize that Dhoni wasn’t an ordinary boy and had it in him to make it large? He said, “When he was playing inter-school tournaments and then he was playing for the clubs and then at the zonal level, when I was watching that game I felt he has become a trained player. I got a feeling that he would go on to be a great player.”

Having made a journey from a small town to the highest levels in cricket as a wicketkeeper-batsman and skipper it hasn’t changed Dhoni tad bit from how he was as a young boy. “There is no change in his behavior, he is the same as he used to be as a child.”

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He also said that when he comes back to the school doesn’t talk about cricket and what he has done but rather looks at the other sporting facilities and wishes to help them improve. “When he comes back to his school he doesn’t talk about cricket. Dhoni talks about the other sports activities in the school, when he came here last time he spoke to us about the school’s multi-purpose hall. Dhoni said he will help the school to extend the hall.” He concluded.