Watch: Narine the magician's Maiden Super Over

Watch: Narine the magician’s Maiden Super Over: If you hear someone say there was a maiden over with a wicket bowled by a bowler in a super over during a T20 game. Hard to believe? But only until you hear the bowler is Sunil Narine.

He can surely be nicknamed magician along with the mystery bowler tag he has earned over the years. It was yet another moment of awe for the world when he bowled a maiden over with a wicket when the CPL game between Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Red Steel was tied after 20 overs were played by each side.


Bowling the decisive over for his team Guyana Amazon Warriors where he had 12 runs to defend Narine chose to give away none. The batsman at strike was Red Steel’s wicket keeper Nicolas Pooran who tried and tried but never actually got going.

He missed the first four balls to be collected by the wicket-keeper. Red’s now needed a couple of big blows in as many deliveries to get them the game. On the penultimate ball, Pooran got it right out of the middle but it did not have enough and was caught deep at long-off.

New Zealander Ross Taylor came out to face the final ball and he tried his usual onside slog but missed it completely and Narine’s the fascinating over came to an end with a win for his team the Guyana Amazon Warriors.

Watch: Narine the magician’s Maiden Super Over: