Watch: Rahul Dravid TROLLs Arun Lal with a six of Danish Kaneria

Watch: Rahul Dravid TROLLs Arun Lal with a six of Danish Kaneria

Watch: Rahul Dravid TROLLs Arun Lal with a six of Danish Kaneria: The retired Indian batting legend, Rahul Dravid gets the commentators Arun Lal and Ramiz Raja in an unexpectedly awkward yet funny situation.

Rahul Dravid is known for his calm and composed approach to batting, be it any format of the game. He rarely takes unnecessary risks and rather waits for the bad deliveries to play his shots. But in this particular scenario in a match against Pakistan he opted for an aggressive way to break off the shackles of pressure which was being created by the opposition.

Rahul Dravid was well settled and batting comfortably at the score of 83 along with him at the other end was Sachin Tendulkar who was batting at 41.

Pakistan’s leg spinner Danish Kaneria was on the other end bowling to him. Kaneria was totally in control of the situation at that moment and had put Rahul Dravid under pressure with his flighted leg breaks and was backed up by attacking field setting by his captain. Kaneria was not willing to give away easy runs to Dravid.

It was evident, that Danish Kaneria was making him struggle with his tight bowling. The bowler was clearly trying to drag Rahul Dravid out of his comfort zone to play a rash shot. After noticing this, commentator Arun Lal and Ramiz Raja started discussing the aspects of Dravid’s batting style. Arun Lal commented “he is not going to go over the top as long as he is getting runs in an orthodox way and risk free cricket”. But even before Arun Lal could finish his statement, Rahul Dravid lofted the next delivery bowled by Kaneria over mid-on for a classy six. Arun Lal was surprised and Ramiz Raja burst out laughing.

Arun Lal referred the shot as “Commentator’s curse” and tried to cover up the event. In reply, Ramiz Raja said “perhaps we don’t know him well”. Indeed we should always expect the unexpected from Rahul Dravid when he is at the crease.

Though Rahul is a very stable and in control batsman but there are times during a match that you need to give the bowler some charge and not let him dominate you and the proceedings. Dravid in particular never actually let the bowlers on top of him.

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