Watch: Ricky Ponting getting hit by a bouncer without a helmet on

Watch: Ricky Ponting getting hit by a bouncer without a helmet on

Watch: Ricky Ponting getting hit by a bouncer without a helmet on: Ricky Ponting even becoming the Australian captain had a huge blow that could have not only ruined his career but his life was at stake as well. The former Australian captain was playing a test match against Pakistan at Sharjah one of the hottest cricketing destinations. The temperature during the match was as high as 51 degree Celsius; the conditions were toughest to play. And Ponting felt his helmet making it tougher for him to battle the heat, so to cool down a little he changed it with the Australian test cap. During his innings a nasty ball from Pakistan pacer Mohd Sami did not bounce as much as the batsman expected to and Punter was caught in an awkward situation which resulted in him taking a blow on his jaw.

The bouncer rose off from just behind length and one of the best pullers in cricket Ricky Ponting was caught on front foot indecisive of whether to duck under it or charge the ball. And in the last moments he just took his eyes off the ball and it hit him direct into his jaw. The sound was as good as the ball hitting the bat and Ponting was immediately down on all fours.

The blow looked serious but he was quickly back on his feet, the Australian team physio rushed to the scene immediately to assess the blow. A bruise was all it looked for the onlookers but it was a much serious blow and little positive in that hit was that Ponting took it on his jaw than the temple. A blow on the skull could have well been a much more fatal injury.

After what recently happened to another Australian cricketer Phil Hughes who lost his life to a bouncer. It is highly recommendable for every cricketer at any level of the game to wear all the safety gear before taking the bowlers on. Let the game be known for what it has on offer and all the right reasons and not for being a dangerous sport.

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