Watch: RPS teammates given the task of answering trivia questions

Watch: RPS teammates given the task of answering trivia questions

The Answers seemed to come quite easily for Ajinkya Rahane and Ben Stokes.

Rising Pune Supergiant
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The Rising Pune Supergiant got off to a near-perfect start in their first match against the local rivals Mumbai Indians in the Maharastra-derby. Mumbai Indians have always been the favourites to run down the Supergiant with their squad.

The Supergiant have been no less equal to Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians and co in the derby battle. Supergiant has been brilliantly led by the Australia top order batsman Steve Smith, who guided them to a massive victory in the derby. There is a mix of a lot of international firepower in the squad, with Steve Smith, Ben Stokes and Faf du Plessis in the same squad.

#GulfGoFarHarBaar is the campaign started by Supergiants’ main sponsor Gulf India to reveal the relationship shared by the current crop of players in the team. The dressing room is a one of chaos with the players getting to know each other very slowly.

The below video features star players Ajinkya Rahane, Ben Stokes and MS Dhoni where they are given the task of answering trivia questions to which Ben Stokes is the most successful. The Indian captain is seen struggling to cope up with the googly thrown by the team with the answers coming in late and sloppy, an unlikely trait that one would relate with the former captain.

Ajinkya Rahane looked calm and composed just as he was during the recently concluded India-Australia series where the Maharashtrian scored some massive runs for the country. The replies are quirky, and the relationship between the three seems to be growing in stature.

Questions (in a transcript):

Q1: Who once fractured his wrist by punching the dressing room locker, thus earning the name “Hurt Locker.”
MS Dhoni: Ben Stokes or Dan Chrisitan
Ajinkya Rahane: Dan Christian
Ben Stokes: Ben Stokes

The answer was the English International Ben Stokes.

Q2: This player held the record for most runs in T20 International without scoring a 50, until February 2017:
Ben Stokes: MS Dhoni
Ajinkya Rahane: MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni: MS Dhoni

The answer was India’s former captain MS Dhoni, who broke the record with a fifty against England in February.

Q3: Who is the current No.1 bowler in ODI and T20 ICC rankings?
MS Dhoni: Ravichandran Ashwin
Ben Stokes: Imran Tahir
Ajinkya Rahane: Ravichandran Ashwin

Ben Stokes got it right with Imran Tahir being the current No.1 bowler in ODI and T20 Rankings.

Q4: Which right-handed top order batsman also holds a black belt in Karate?
Ben Stokes: Mayank Agarwal
MS Dhoni: Ajinkya Rahane
Ajinkya Rahane: Ajinkya Rahane

The answer came as a shocker for the English International, with the calm Ajinkya Rahane not so calm with his Karate skills.

Q5: Which Supergiant crashed into a Zimbabwean Restaurant’s kitchen to cook a delicious egg curry for his teammates?
MS Dhoni: Ashok Dinda
Ben Stokes: Ashok Dinda
Ajinkya Rahane: Ashok Dinda

The answer is the Indian fast bowler Ashok Dinda, who cooked a delicious egg curry when on tour to Zimbabwe.

Q6: This player is a huge Roger Federer Fan?
MS Dhoni: Steve Smith, Faf du Plessis, Ben Stokes and Dan Christian
Ben Stokes: Steve Smith
Ajinkya Rahane: Steve Smith

The question was a tad stupid from the team as who is not a Roger Federer fan?

Q7: The player scored the fastest Test hundred at Lords’?
MS Dhoni: Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes: Ben Stokes
Ajinkya Rahane: Ajinkya Rahane

Not so Midas touch from Ajinkya Rahane with the other two guessing it right and perhaps that was one of the reasons why Pune went hard for Ben Stokes in the auction.

Q8: This batsman was the first to hit 6 boundaries in a single over in T20 cricket:
MS Dhoni: Ajinkya Rahane
Ben Stokes: MS Dhoni
Ajinkya Rahane: Ajinkya Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane has his name featured twice in the quiz as of now, which is quite interesting and this is also the right answer.

Q9: The Player holds the record for the fastest Test 250:
MS Dhoni: Steve Smith or Faf du Plessis
Ben Stokes: Ben Stokes
Ajinkya Rahane: Ben Stokes

The Indian captain struggled to pick this one up giving up a bamboozled look at his teammate Ben Stokes when he heard the answer was the English International himself.

The Answers seemed to come quite easily for Ajinkya Rahane and Ben Stokes. Dhoni did not finish it in style as Ravi Shastri is often heard during his commentary stint in the box.

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