Watch: Sachin Tendulkar's dream and accomplishing moment

Watch: Sachin Tendulkar's dream and accomplishing moment

Watch: Sachin Tendulkar’s dream and accomplishing moment: Dream, aspiration, aim, desire; are the most important psychological terms in order to become a persuasive personality in life. Every single child born on this mother earth has an astonishing goal as to what he visualizes to achieve in the future. There are several things for a child to achieve in his life. The only thing he needs to bet on is how he chases the dream. And that is what makes aman successful to chase and catch the dream you have lived.

When our own team India won the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1983, a boy who was just ten years of age then realized what it takes to win a World Cup for the nation. He could grasp the pride and honor to hold up a World Cup trophy because when Kapil Dev did so, the whole of India cherished that moment. That time, the Mumbaikar, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar started chasing that dream of holding the World Cup trophy and replenishing his nation with glory.

As a child, Sachin never dreamt of records and landmarks. Until 2011, although he had registered his name in almost all the record-books, but there was this one thing which was missing from Sachin Tendulkar’s glorious collection of medals, the World Championship. After a long career span of 22 years (1989-2011), it was almost sure that the 2011 world cup would be the last one for this man. Previously, he represented India in 5 world cups (1992-2007) but couldn’t get there. And except the 2003 World cup, the voyage of all the other editions were very much bitter; specially the 2007 WC.

Then came the much awaited 10th edition of the cricket world cup. Everyone among the 125crore countrymen prayed for the master. All the Indian players had this common quote “let’s win this one for this man- Sachin Tendulkar”. In an interview, Sachin himself said that he didn’t watch the winning moments in the final. After MS Dhoni hit that six, all the players, and the support staff came to the field to celebrate, except the master blaster. After a few minutes, there came in a man running as innocent as a ten years old kid out from the pavilion, crossed the boundary line to hug each and every player in the field; and his wide smile expressed every aspect of what this achievement meant.

This is how a master chased his dream. But he hasn’t stopped yet. He wants to chase this dream once again. Now being the brand ambassador of ICC cricket world cup 2015 he come let’s support the legend and cheer for India in this upcoming World Cup.

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