Watch: Trent Boult takes Thunder Bolt catches

Watch: Trent Boult takes Thunder Bolt catches

Watch: Trent Boult takes Thunder Bolt catches: Catches win matches, yes it is rightly said but catches like the ones this guy Trent Boult has grabbed, win hearts along with matches. Boult, New Zealand’s mainstay fast bowler has some awesome fielding skills to add to his profile. These four amazing catches will take you off to the edge of your seat. The opposition batsmen will surely take it as their misfortune to get out in that fashion.

The first and the most awe striking catch is one hell of a drama to see, no, yes, no and a yes is what that will made it an eye widening view. Kieron Pollard was the victim to Boult’s awesomeness. West Indies were batting on 126/3 in the 17th over with Pollard and Fletcher on the crease. Pollard struck the ball to the boundary and a leap from Boult lands the ball into the hands of the third man but it doesn’t end there, he loses balance throws the ball up in the air when his foot lands beyond the boundary line, comebacks crossing the rope and takes the catch, so much in a couple of seconds. The catch will definitely sweep you off your seats.

The next catch is a rather piercing one as Trent Boult, rips the catch out of nowhere fielding at the covers in a Test match once again against West Indies, that much action in a Test is worth a watch.

The third amazement comes while Boult is fielding in the square leg, this time Sri Lanka and Sangakkara falls prey of the pacers fielding skills. Sangakkara had just completed his double ton, when at the score of 203* he cut the ball that would surely find the boundary line but the ripper not only stopped it but caught it flying on its way with just one hand.

The last wondrous catch comes against India another big wicket falls at the hands of Boult who caught Ajinkya Rahane batting at 118*. Once again making a Test clash worth watching, and putting in some action with a run, dive and a one hand grab.

Watch: Trent Boult takes Thunder Bolt catches: