Watch: Virat Kohli in Comedy Nights with Kapil

Watch: Virat Kohli in Comedy Nights with Kapil

Comedy Nights with Kapil is world’s one of the most favorite and top grossing shows in the current time. It features high level of fun and entertainment. Besides this, the show also gets brightened by the stars and celebrities who come to the show and show funny side of theirs. The host, Kapil Sharma sees to it that each and every house of the country burst out of laughter during his show time. The guests generally include the stars from bollywood. But recently, there has been change in the guest lists too. So famous cricketers like Sunil Gavskar, Kapil Dev, Virendar Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh have also made an entry to their show. The most recent cricketer visiting their show was young Indian sensation, Virat Kohli who is playing against England.

Sneak Peak of CNWK Virat Kohli’s Episode:

During his show visit, Virat completely contradicted his aggressive, field side. He was jovial all through the show. This is a maybe a slapover to all those people who termed Virat as Aggressive all way round. Virat came to the show with Kapil on his famous scooter. After reaching in the show, Virat shook his leg with “DADI” which is played by Ali Asgar. Virat also chatted with Kapil’s on screen wife Sumona, I being thorough gentlemen. Virat elated almost his heart out. He comically mocked Kapil’s on screen “Aunt” who insited him on sdoing a lipstick commercial. He shared some of his incidents from his life, whicg was fun hearing. He also mocked team’s fast pacer Ishant Sharma and Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor. He also made some revelations of his team members like Ravindra Jadeja being the biggest bragger of the team and Rohit Sharma being the sleepiest person.

Virat’s style was elegant. He looked perfect in his modern day suit. With a typically Delhi based accent, he ruled over the hearts of million people of the country. His politeness and courteousness was depicted all through the show. He was honest and sweet. But despite his honesty, there was a sense of Happiness over his face. He b;ushed on the name of his so called “Girlfriend” Anushkha Sharma, but did not react on it hardly. With the nation’s best persons on the same stage, the show rocked completely. Virat, the best cricketer of the world and kapil, the best entertainer cheered the crowd completely.

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