Watch: Virat Kohli reacts after seeing his doppelganger

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Facebook)

Virat Kohli is the poster boy of world cricket at the moment. The stylish Delhi boy is not only charismatic on the field but has been making his name of the field too. Be it his fitness or his brand endorsements, Kohli can give any actor a run for his money. It was only startling to know that his looks are not uniquely his own anymore. It was during the final Test between India and New Zealand when his doppelganger was seen in the stands.

The venue was the Holkar stadium at Indore as the city witnessed its first ever Test match. Kohli was only surprised to his lookalike in the stands. The camera focussed on his lookalike for a long time. Everybody had their share of a laugh. The commentators were pleased to talk about it for overs even after the camera focus moved back to the action on field. Indian team players shared a giggle too. The best reaction was yet to come though.


The reaction that most people awaited was of the man himself. Virat Kohli bursted out laughing as soon as he saw his doppleganger. Kohli had just returned back to the dressing room after scoring a masterly double ton. The cameraman was quick to shift the focus on the Indian Test skipper ti catch his reaction. As it can be seen in the video, he was having a good time looking at ‘himself’ in the stand among the crowds.

Amazingly enough, for a brief while, the television viewers thought that it was the Test skipper who walked among the fans. It was only after the cameraman caught a glimpse of the Test skipper in the dressing room, that all these speculations were put to rest. The crowd around the doppleganger took selfies and pictures with him. His looks resembled to that of Kohli to a great extent. It would be very tough to figure out who the actual Kohli is if they both get clicked together!

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Watch: Virat Kohli reacts after seeing his doppelganger: