What does the world cup mean for a cricket fan

What does the world cup mean for a cricket fan?

The world of cricket is ticking all boxes, double; triple checking to verify the requirements, preparations. Picking the best 11 players from the country to represent them, fight on their behalf on the biggest stage that they will ever perform on. Yes it’s time for the cricket world cup. Did you ever think what does the world cup mean for a cricket fan? Here’s the answer

As the calendar changes its third term, switches over to a brand new year. The two countries at the south of the world will welcome every waiting eye, eager cricket fan for the mega event ‘the cricket world cup 2015’. The arena is ready to host the warriors who would though not shed blood but, gallons of sweat. Not to win over the war of lands but for Glory, for Pride, for Legacy, for Honor, for Gold, for Trophy, for the World Cup.

World Cup 2015
The enthusiasm and craze cricket fans have for the world cup makes it even more precious.(Photo Source: Getty Images)

Cricket for the outside world is just a game of bat, ball, pair of three stumps and 11 players each side. A guy with a bat in hand trying to protect the stumps (which they call the wicket) bearing a couple of bails. While the rest work out ways of dismantling those. Two silent Gentlemen stand on both side, observing the proceedings’ and whose verdict is an order for the rest. The one who scores one run more than the opponent is the winner.

Ask a cricket fan this question, the one whose heart beats at the pace of the on field action. The innumerable prayers he puts in for his favorite team and player. Those stopped breathes, bitten nails, fixed eyes, devotion and not only following defines what cricket actually is.

For every sportsman, team player it is an opportunity and goal of entire lifetime to rise above all, to stand right there on the center stage. Grabbing, flashing and kissing the magnificent world cup trophy. 14 nations, 14 teams, 14 captains get this chance in 2015 to become the lordships, Champions of 50 overs ODI cricket.

Teams will come to Australia and New Zealand in February 2015 from the countries of England, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Ireland, Scotland (Netherlands’) and United Arab Emirate to fight against the hosts Australia and New Zealand. Among whom India is the defendants, the current title holders, and the team whose champions’ status is being challenged. (also read Probable squads for WC 2015)

The 13 challengers are Australia, New Zealand England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Ireland, Scotland (Netherlands’) and United Arab Emirate. The biggest threats, toughest to beat and prime contender’s will be one the hosts Australia, South Africa, another Asian heavy weight Pakistan and England to an extent.

India will go in as favorites not only on paper but also by the fact that they have more or less been able to maintain the standard throughout and are the top ranked ODI team at the moment. India is closely followed by South Africa at number two, Australia and Sri Lanka at number three and four whereas England is 5.

The history of World Cups has been like:

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May what be the prediction, assumption, standing and ranking every cricket fan will root, shout, back his team to come back home with the World Cup trophy as World Champion team. Take the final word from us, forget the record of a team, irrespective of the current form, ranking. A true fan will Support, stand behind them, cheer, pray for them and expect his team, to give their best and try to win the World Cup for them is what a world cup actually means for a cricket fan.