When 3 players got injured on a single delivery in a bizarre incident in 2015

When 3 players got injured on a single delivery in a bizarre incident in 2015

The incident took place in the Victoria Premier League in Australia.

Three players get injured on one ball
Three players get injured on one ball. (Photo Source: Twitter)

World cricket has witnessed a lot of bizarre things over the years. But, in 2015, a bizarre incident left everyone from the fans to the experts in complete awe. A single delivery left three players on the field injured. It happened during the Victoria Premier League in Australia, in the match that was being played between the Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club and Footscray Edgewater Cricket Club.

A short ball bowled by the bowler at the time, left the batsman on strike searching for room to either leave or hit the ball. But, it so happened that he managed to somehow swing his bat in such a way that the ball went straight back towards the non-striker batsman.

At the other end, the batsman, trying to dodge the ball that was coming towards him at a very high speed, jumped, but not to much effect. The ball hit him on his feet and there he was on the ground the very next moment. He limped his way back to the crease and stood there. But, the real drama was yet to unfold.

Bowler also gets injured

The batsman who was on strike was soon seen walking away from the crease, indicating that he had pulled a muscle in his shoulders. The way he had hit the shot, must have put in a lot of strain on his shoulders, which would have led to the injury. And, there was still another man that was left to be hit.

It was now the bowler’s turn. After having delivered the ball, he was walking back towards his run-up marker, when he was hit by that damned ball. The fielder at mid-off, unaware of the fact that the bowler was not paying attention to his call, threw the ball towards his teammate.

The bowler, as stated earlier was not aware that the ball was coming towards him and walked straight into the trajectory of the ball and was hit. The ball had hit him on the back of his head and he crouched immediately on the ground, with a lot of pain. His teammate rushed to check on him and see if he needed medical attention or not.

It is incidents like these that in a funny yet painful way, keep on reminding everyone about the perils of playing a sport like cricket that is seemingly not at all harmful.

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