When Ellyse Perry pulled a rabbit out of the hat with the soccer ball

For Sweden the goal was similar to a monster erupting from the earth.

Gorgeous Female Cricketers
Ellyse Perry. (Photo Source: Ellyse Perry Facebook Handle)

Ellyse Perry’s prowess as an all-rounder cricketer has captured the imaginations of many sports fanatics. With the willow, she has made quality bowlers look like rookies and she has also managed to ruffle the feathers of some of the best batsmen in the world. However, apart from his dexterity with the hand, her abilities to wield magic with the legs has left everyone enthralled as well.

2011, Women’s FIFA World Cup, Quarter-Final, Australia vs Sweden- the Aussies found themselves in all sorts of trouble. The Swedish team looked ominous to run away with the match. Having scored goals in the 10th and the 16th minute, Sweden were the firm favorites to win the contest. The clock kept ticking towards the first half whistle, misery was all set to engulf Australia.


Perry’s master-class with the football  

Perry’s high flier attitude in life has earned her several laurels over the years. She wasn’t someone to drop the gun even under the bleakest of situations. Her team earned a corner in the 40th minute. The person who took the corner passed it sideways to Perry. She had a number of Swedish players at her face to counter any kind of action Perry was about to take. The situation didn’t fluster her by any means.

She took the stroke from a fair distance. The ball left her foot at a speed of a gazelle. Hardly anyone moved, the goalkeeper knew she was in trouble. She dived full length on to her right. The projectile of the ball was such that it could easily have smacked or breached the goal-post. Instead, it snuck through a miniature gap between the outstretched hands and the goalpost.

Perry’s teammate charged towards her and hugged her in jubilation. For Sweden it was similar to a monster erupting from the earth, they were shell-shocked, bemused by what panned out. Perry’s brilliance gave her team something to cheer in a match which eventually ended 3-1 in favor of Sweden.

For those who aren’t aware, Perry is a multi-sports woman. She earned her first international football cap in 2007, one month after she made her debut for the Australian cricket team. She is also the first Australian to represent the nation in both cricket and football World Cup.

Meanwhile, here is Perry’s brilliance with the football

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