When Sachin Tendulkar told Anjali to pretend to be journalist while meeting his parents

When Sachin Tendulkar told Anjali to pretend to be journalist while meeting his parents

Anjali and Sachin are celebrating their 26th marriage anniversary.

Anjali Tendulkar and Sachin Tendulkar
Anjali Tendulkar and Sachin Tendulkar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Throughout his cricket career, former Indian captain and batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar proved to be nothing less than a nightmare for the opposition bowlers as he hammered the ball like anything all over the park. However, off the field, the legendary batsman carried a shy and reserved personality.

As Tendulkar is celebrating his 26th wedding anniversary with his wife Anjali, let’s flip back the pages and revisit the time when the latter revealed how she met the cricketer and his parents for the first time. Sachin and Anjali’s first meet happened at an airport when the the cricketer was just 17 years old. 

While Anjali had come to the airport to pick her mother, Sachin was returning after completing the India tour of England. Though Anjali didn’t have any idea regarding who the little master was, the two felt an instant connection with each other. After the accidental meet at the airport, Sachin and Anjali got the chance to know more through a mutual friend.

What followed after that were calls, letters, and meet-ups. As things accelerated, Sachin Tendulkar wanted Anjali to meet his parents but he feared the reaction of his family. Thus, he came up with a unique idea of introducing his love as a journalist and told Anjali also to behave as he had come to take his interview.

I then decided to write letters to Sachin Tendulkar, says Anjali Tendulkar

“The first time Sachin wanted me to come to his house, he was a little hesitant.  So he came up with this plan that he will tell people at his home that I was a journalist. He said you pretend to be a journalist. I said, fine, whatever you say. I went to his house nicely dressed in salwar kameez,” Anjali had recalled during the launch ceremony of Sachin’s autobiography ‘Playing It My Way’ in 2015.

Further, Anjali also remembered the time when she used to write letters to the Master Blaster. Back then, the calls were pretty expensive and there was no medium like social media to interact with someone sitting in the other part of the world. Thus, she started writing letters to Sachin while he went on tours. 

“When I met him in 1990, there were no mobile phones so I had to cross my 48-acre college campus to a telephone booth to call him. I then decided to write letters to him when he was in Sydney to save on telephone bills,” Anjali said.

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