Who is Jarvo - Here are 6 facts about the man who invaded the pitch during ENG vs IND Test series

A fan named Jarvo invaded the pitch on two separate occasions in the Test series between England and India.

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Daniel Jarvis
Jarvo (Photo Source: Twitter)

Pitch invasions are common in sport. Fans enter the field of play to have a glimpse of their favourite sporting stars, or sometimes try to shake their hands, and even fall at their feet.

One such fan, named Jarvo invaded the pitch on two separate occasions in the Test series between England and India. While he first entered as a fielder in the second Test match wearing an Indian Test jersey, he took it one step further in the third Test match, by entering the field with a full-fledged cricket gear, with his name printed on the back of his jersey.

Now, who is Jarvo? In this article, let us look at 6 facts about this famous pitch invader.

1. Profession

Jarvo, who goes by the name Daniel Jarvis on Twitter is a comedian, filmmaker, and prankster, and that is what his bio on his Twitter page reads. He also has a YouTube channel by the name, bmwjarvo as well.

2. First pitch invasion

Daniel Jarvis made rounds on social media after he invaded the pitch for the first time in the second Test match between England and India. He simply walked onto the field along with the Indian players, wearing the Indian jersey, and stated that he also should be allowed onto the field, as he was wearing the same jersey worn by the Indian players. And, he was escorted out by the security staff at the ground.

3. Second pitch invasion

And, it was his second pitch invasion that was extremely hilarious. Jarvis put on a full fledged cricketing gear, including a pad, helmet, and gloves, even wore a mask and entered the pitch like how a normal batsman participating in the match would. His number and name on his jersey read, 69 and Jarvo respectively. Once again, the security staff got busy and had to take him away from the field.

4. Increase in followers on social media after pitch invasion

And, this pitch invasion has led to a sizeable number of followers on social media for Jarvis. At the time of writing, Jarvis’ Twitter account has more than 8000 followers (8040 to be precise), and surely, this number is bound to increase in the coming few days as well.

5. YouTube Channel with over 100K subscribers

Also, Jarvis has a YouTube channel, with a subscriber count of 105000 at the time of writing. His latest video, titled “Jarvo 69 Becomes Batman at the England vs India Test Cricket at Headingley, Leeds!!!” has garnered over 108000 views at the time of writing.

6. When Jarvis set up a camp on the field

Jarvo has invaded the pitch earlier as well and even set up a tent on the cricket field during an ongoing match. Jarvo is seen jumping the barricades and quickly setting up a tent when play is going on. Security then sprang to action and had to escort him out of the ground.

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