'Whoever broke the rule had to give INR 1000 fine' - Yuvraj Singh on improving Punjab cricketers' English vocabulary

‘Whoever broke the rule had to give INR 1000 fine’ – Yuvraj Singh on improving Punjab cricketers’ English vocabulary

Yuvraj Singh recalls a funny incident while he was playing for Punjab and how Harbhajan Singh organized a special 'English Day' for the youngsters.

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh. (Photo Source: Yuvraj Singh/Twitter)

After announcing his retirement from cricket in 2019, Yuvraj Singh still played for Punjab in the domestic season 2019-20. The former all-rounder though insists that coaching is not on his radar as he believes it’s still far of thought. But he is still an integral part of Punjab and always encourages the youngsters in the team to perform well. He is a mentor to Abhishek Sharma, Shubman Gill and Prabhsimran Singh to name a few.

While the ‘Punjabis’ generally come across as jolly and fun-loving people, it is often their English, and the funny way in which they pronounce some words tend to get attention from various people. Yuvraj and Harbhajan Singh too learned to speak English over time and the former is now kind of helping the youngsters in the Punjab team to learn spoken language.

Speaking on “22 Yarns with Gaurav Kapur podcast”, the former all-rounder spoke in length on how he helped a few youngsters by improving their English vocabulary to speak during presentation ceremonies.

“I don’t think in the long run I would like to take up coaching, because I would have a lot to do elsewhere. I would probably work with guys that I like and I will pick them. But when I do that, I spend a month or two with them. Talking to them every day, working on their game, their vocabulary etc. Working on how they will speak if they get a Player of the Match tomorrow. I make them read English,” Yuvraj Singh mentioned.

Harbhajan Singh made a rule: Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh also spoke about how the Punjab players get rattled while speaking English and end up telling something which they were not supposed to say. He even mentioned a story of Harbhajan had launched a special “English Day” to help the members feel comfortable with the language.

“Our Punjab team is full of intellectual blokes. They speak such good English that those who know the language will also forget it! Harbhajan Singh, our captain, made a rule that on Sunday we have English day in the Punjab team. Whoever broke the rule and spoke in Punjabi had to give a Rs 1000 fine,” Yuvraj Singh had revealed on the show.