Worcestershire all-rounder Alex Hepburn accused of raping a sleeping woman

The cricketer has denied the allegations claiming that the woman was awake.

Alex Hepburn
Alex Hepburn. (Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images)

In a shocking revelation, the professional cricketer Alex Hepburn who plays for Worcestershire raped a sleeping woman. He is alleged to have attacked a sleeping woman in a dark room after she had consensual sex with one of his teammates Joe Clarke. The case has been filed in the court now even as the cricketer has completely denied all the allegations saying that the victim was completely aware of what was happening.

The jurors heard the victim saying that she initially believed to be sleeping with Clarke but wasn’t aware of him leaving the room after feeling sick only to wake up with the Australian born Hepburn who is only 23 years old. Miranda Moore QC is handling the prosecution’s case and claimed that the victim only realised that she wasn’t with Clarke after touching Hepburn’s hair and he spoke in an Australian accent.


“Immediately she pulls away, she says: ‘Where’s Joe? Hepburn says to her, ‘You are beautiful’ and tries to encourage her to continue having sex with him but she is having absolutely none of it,” Miranda explained the aftermath of the incident.

Whatsapp game leads to the incident

Miranda also took the jurors through the Whatsapp messages of Alex Hepburn saying that the ‘stat chat’ group he was in as set up to record details of women its members had slept with. She also read the rules of the group in the court which were posted in it a few days ago while also mentioning that the game had little to do with cricket.

“From the prosecution point of view, it may well be that what was on this defendant’s phone will help you in deciding what he was up to that night. It detailed the game that these young men engaged in and intended to follow. This game had precious little to do with cricket,” Moore added.

Meanwhile, Hepburn has quashed the allegations saying that the woman was awake and intial kissing led to consensual sexual contact between them. The court hearing continues on the matter and soon the verdict on the same is expected to be out.

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