World Cup 2019: Five teams that should be wary of Afghanistan in the tournament

After attaining their ODI status in 2011, the Afghans managed to take giant strides towards a bright future.

2. Windies

Windies players
Windies players. (Photo By Sam Barnes/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

This side is probably the most capable squad Windies have managed to rope in for a World Cup in a very long time. Afghanistan and Windies excelled in the Qualifiers last year and when they came head to head, the former were pretty brutal. The aggressive youngsters in their ranks couldn’t do anything as the Afghan spinners ran riot and there’s no denying why it cannot happen again in the main tournament.

Afghanistan’s combination has not changed much since the Qualifiers last season, apart from a change in captaincy. Windies will have Andre Russell in the middle order, who has been in devastating form in recent months. Will the highly spirited Afghans work a trick to keep their big players silent again is the question of the hour, but it will be difficult for Russell to win games all by himself like he did for KKR. Hence, Naib and company once again have the edge over the Caribbean lads.


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