World Cup 2019: That moment when Virat Kohli got angry at the crowd for booing Steve Smith

World Cup 2019: That moment when Virat Kohli got angry at the crowd for booing Steve Smith

Smith was pleased with this gesture from Virat.

Virat Kohli gesture
Virat Kohli gesture. (Photo Source: Twitter)

One of the most unpleasant feelings for a cricketer is being booed by the crowd. While it is embarrassing for anyone even if this is done once or twice in their career, Steve Smith and David Warner have become regular victims of it. The duo was banned for a period of 12 months in March 2018 for their involvement in the ball-tampering act in South Africa.

They had to pay the price for their action and missed out an important part of their career. Both Smith and Warner have definitely realized their mistake and are a lot more mature individuals now. However, since their readmission into mainstream cricket, they’ve had to come across some bitter incidents. Both of them were booed by the crowd during one of the warm-up games before the World Cup. This trend has continued as the audience have been booing at them almost every time they walk onto the field.

Virat Kohli wins hearts

Former Australian skipper had to encounter such a moment during the game against India as well. Since he is one of the better fielders in the Australian team, he was asked to field in the deep by his captain. Smith obliged but only to be pestered by the crowd later. At the Vauxhall end in the Lord’s stadium, there was a huge Indian contingent cheering hard and loud for the ‘Men in Blue‘.

Smith was asked to field at this boundary where the crowd started booing him. While he earlier said that such incidents are like water off duck’s back, it would still play on his mind as the crowd even started terming him a ‘cheater’. While this entire incident was taking place, Indian skipper Virat Kohli was batting in the middle. The shouts were loud enough to reach him in the middle.

Although he is an aggressive character on the field, Virat has got a golden heart. In between overs, he was quick to walk slightly towards that part of the ground. He looked quite angry and asked them to clap for Steve Smith instead of booing him. The Australian cricketer seemed to be pleased with this act from the Indian skipper and had a little ‘thank you’ moment when he patted Virat on his back.

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