Yograj Singh reacts to BCCI denying Yuvraj Singh to come out of retirement and play domestic cricket

Yograj Singh reacts to BCCI denying Yuvraj Singh to come out of retirement and play domestic cricket

Yuvraj Singh's come back has been halted for now.

Yograj Singh (Photo by Vijayanand Gupta/ Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

BCCI, earlier this week, denied Yuvraj Singh the permission to come out of retirement and play the upcoming Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy starting from January 10. The cricketer retired from all forms of the sport in 2019 and also featured in the Global T20 Canada later in the year. However, upon request from the Punjab Cricket Association, Yuvraj reconsidered his retirement and decided to play the upcoming season to groom the youngsters as well.

He was also named in the probable squad of Punjab for SMAT20. Accordingly, Yuvraj Singh wrote a letter to the BCCI to grant him the permission to make a comeback. But the Indian board denied it for unknown reasons. Having played in the overseas T20 league already could be one of the reasons for the BCCI’s decision.

Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh has reacted now on the same stating that he is also not sure of the exact reason for permission denial. He also felt the BCCI should give time for the retired to mark a comeback to the sport and spend time with the youngsters. “I am not sure of the exact reason (for BCCI denying NOC to Yuvraj), as I’m yet to speak with Yuvi on the same. But it’s entirely the choice of the BCCI.

“However, I feel that ample time should be given to retired players to make a comeback and play with the young boys, who have a lot to learn from them,” Yograj said while speaking to Asianet Newsable.

Giving back to Indian cricket is very important, says Yograj Singh

Yograj Singh also felt that it is important to give it back to Indian cricket as it has given everything to his son Yuvraj Singh. He also said as a father, he will be very happy if Yuvraj grooms a few cricketers who will go on to play for the country in future while also revealing that the southpaw continues to practice even now despite hanging his boots in June 2019.

“Meanwhile, besides playing, giving back to the boys and Indian cricket is very important. If he can produce four-five players for the country in the coming years, it would be great. I will be very, very happy. He continues to practice even today. I think it’s all about how you feel. I believe it is very important to give back. If you are doing so, I think that is the greatest thing you are doing rather than playing cricket,” Yograj added.