Zaheer Khan's coach ecstatic after being announced as the bowling Coach of India

Zaheer Khan’s coach ecstatic after being announced as the bowling Coach of India

Young Zaheer was scared of flights, says his coach

Delhi Daredevils coach Rahul Dravid
Delhi Daredevils coach Rahul Dravid interacts with captain Zaheer Khan. (Photo: IANS)

Soon after Zaheer Khan was appointed as the Head Coach of Indian Team, his coach, Vidyadhar Paradkar could not hide his emotions. Even in his wildest of imaginations, Khan’s coach could not have expected that his ward would be one day coaching the Indian team. The nostalgic coach also talked about his fears as a young budding cricketer back in the days.

Revisiting the past, Paradhkar revealed that Zaheer had fears of travelling on the flight and asked his coach to accompany him on his journey. “Main plane se darta hoon, Sir. Aap chalo na mere saath…” said a young and nervous Zaheer, afraid to board the mode of the journey which was still considered as a luxury a couple of decades back. “Sir, please chalo na mere saath…” expecting a promising response from his captain while trying to convince him to accompany him.

Young Zaheer scared of flights

The incident happened when Zaheer Khan was finally en route to Indore as he was one of the probable for the Ranji Trophy. He had to focus on the game but could not keep his mind off the long and scary flight. “How should a coach react at this time? If I only say, I am happy, I would perhaps be lying. I am extremely happy and proud,” explained Zaheer Khan’s nostalgic yet proud coach Vidyadhar Paradkar, according to the interview with Sportstarlive.

“He is the man with various ideas. When he bowled, the field placement would be just perfect. He would ensure that. Similarly, he knows who would be effective when. His presence would definitely motivate the young pacers. To be honest, Indian pace cupboard looks empty and for Zaheer, it would be a challenge to deliver the goods with such limited resources,” quoted Khan’s coach. He concluded by pointing out that MCA did not treat the left armer well. “Mumbai didn’t do justice to him. They didn’t even try to hold him back,” rued the coach.