10 Cricket accessories and protective gears

10 Cricket accessories and protective gears

10 Cricket accessories and protective gears: For a batsman, it is indispensable to wear protective gear, as a hard ball of around 160 grams can do serious damage, especially when propelled towards him at more than 140 kph. Despite the use of several equipment’s, bruises and bumps are regular for a batsman. Protective gear comes as shock resistant items made of lightweight high density foam; it includes batting gloves, pads, arm guards, thigh guards and chest guards.

Besides, cricketers need to wear special helmets with grilles. Batsmen and wicket keepers usually wear an abdomen guard, also known as a cup in order to protect themselves against the impact of the ball hitting the body. Leg pads are also worn by batsmen and wicket keepers in order to protect the shins, and fielders stationed near the batsmen might also choose to use leg pads. Wicket keepers also wear protective eye wear to protect their eyes, as the impact of the ball hitting the wicket can be great, and bails might get dislodged after impact.

This article provides an insight into 10 Cricket accessories and protective gears:

1. Helmet:

Cricket Helmet
Cricket Helmet. (© Getty Images)

In earlier days, a helmet used to come without a faceguard. However, nowadays, it has become mandatory to use one with a faceguard, with an optimum space between the peak of the helmet and the grill, so that the ball can’t pass through it. Usually, players use helmets only while batting against a pace bowler. However, it’s recommended that it be kept on even while facing slower bowlers as a precaution against a full-toss, or a top-edged sweep or pull shot.