10 Current cricketers and their IPL defining moments

10 Current cricketers and their IPL defining moments

These are some of the best moments in the IPL ever.

Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Since its inception, the IPL has been one of the most anticipated tournaments in the cricketing circle. The reason being its high-voltage action and the number of twists and turns it presents in every season. At the center of it are the cricketing stars who try their level best to entertain the audience with their on-field performances.

In the process, they might also end up doing something special which will always hold an important place in the history of the league. However, sometimes those performances will not only become the iconic moments of the league but it will also become the highlight of a cricketer’s IPL career. Over the years several cricketing stars have tried to define their IPL moment but only a handful of them have succeeded in it.

Here is the list of 10 current cricketers and their IPL defining moments :

1) Virat Kohli – Hundred with a stitched-up hand

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

In every cricketer’s journey there comes a time when he is at the height of his powers. At the time, he will be churning out awe-inspiring performances at will. The classic example to describe such an event is Virat Kohli‘s maniac run in IPL 2016 where he batted like a man on a mission to fulfill his IPL dreams.

The RCB skipper accumulated close to 1000 runs in a single season including 4 centuries. In a way, he single-handedly led the team to their second IPL final. From all those innings his century against Kings XI Punjab will rank amongst the best in the tournament history. That knock of 113 off 50 balls included one of the best cricketing moment of his career.

Even after having 7-8 stitches (split webbing) in his left-hand Kohli kept on playing his shots to increase the team’s playoff qualification chances. Thereafter, when he reached the milestone he made a lovely gesture to the dug-out indicating his team-mates that he has overcome the pain to score runs for the team. That moment not only showed his determination but also defined his passion for the gentlemen’s game.

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