5 Female cricketers and their WWE equivalents

5 Female cricketers and their WWE equivalents

These women cricketers have fought their battles and their qualities are analogous to WWE female stars who have transformed women's wrestling.

Smriti Mandhana - Bayley
Smriti Mandhana – Bayley. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Due to its rising popularity cricket has turned into a global sport. Now cricketers are considered world-class athletes and it has helped the game reach a larger section of people. In turn, more and more youngsters are taking up the game which has further increased the aura of the sport. In true sense, cricket has grown leaps and bounds.

Still, the gender disparity has been the stumbling block in the game as Women’s cricket is yet to cover a lot of ground. Issues like the pay gap and less coverage of matches have plagued the system but in recent times some female stars have changed the wind direction. Now they are standing toe to toe with their male counterparts.

These women cricketers are the pioneers of modern-day cricket and some of them share striking similarities with their WWE equivalents. Like cricket, wrestling has also been a male-dominated sport but now females have got their share of stardom. Such has been the transformation that they have become the face of the company.

Here is the list of 5 female cricketers and their WWE equivalents:

1) Ellyse Perry – Ronda Rousey

Ellyse Perry - Ronda Rousey
Ellyse Perry – Ronda Rousey. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Ellyse Perry is a cricketer who redefined the consistency levels. Ever since her debut, she has been churning out match-winning performances on a loop. At 28, she is not only the torchbearer of women’s cricket but also an inspiration for young athletes. The Australian star is a complete package and can be rightly tagged as a once in a generation talent.

She has been part of 5 World Cup wins. Apart from her all-round skills in cricket Perry has also represented her country in the football World Cup which puts her in an elite panel. In simple terms, she is one of the greatest sportswomen and the same thing can be said about Ronda Rousey. She is the ultimate fighting machine of women’s wrestling.

She is the first female fighter to be inducted into the UFC Hall of fame and it is similar to the ICC Women’s Cricketer of the year award received by Perry in its inaugural year. Both of them have excelled in different types of sports. Perry is the only cricketer to enjoy the double of 1000 runs and 100 wickets in T20Is and it can be compared to Ronda’s unique achievement of being the only woman to win the double of UFC and WWE championships.

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