5 ideas that PSL copied from IPL

5 ideas that PSL copied from IPL

The IPL is probably the epitome of success and that's why the other T20 leagues including PSL has been following its footsteps.

Darren Sammy holding PSL trophy
Darren Sammy holding PSL trophy. (Photo Source: Twitter)

With the advent of T20 cricket, the cricketing community has been blessed with a new mode of entertainment. Such has been its impact that now each cricketing nation has its own T20 league. Among all of them, the most popular has to be the Indian Premier League which has been growing in stature with each passing year.

In simple terms, the IPL is the epitome of success and that’s why the other T20 leagues including PSL has been following its footsteps. By doing so the Pakistan Premier League has definitely become one of the most anticipated T20 events around the globe. However, even in the 5th edition, the PSL will introduce a couple of ideas that originated in the IPL.

Here is the list of 5 ideas that PSL copied from IPL:

1. Tournament format

PSL trophy
PSL trophy. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The IPL is always known for introducing innovative concepts. Be it the recently announced “Power Player Rule” or the now-defunct “Six Hitting Challenge”, the league is constantly trying to make the game more exciting for the viewers. Interestingly they have also experimented with the tournament format and the existing “Playoffs” is one such idea which has benefitted the participants and as well as the fans.

As per the current layout, the Top 2 teams at the end of group stages will get two opportunities to qualify for the finals. In particular, it aims at rewarding the consistency of teams. It also adds more zeal to the competition as the format paves the way for awe-inspiring comebacks. That’s why the concept has been adopted by most of the T20 leagues including PSL.

Unlike other leagues, PSL introduced the playoffs right from its first season. Immediately the format played an important role in the success of the league as Islamabad United made a dramatic comeback at the business end of the tournament to become the first PSL champions. Since then, the PSL has stuck to the format. So, it can be said that they have benefitted from using the tried and tested formula of IPL.

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