5 Instances of a team forfeiting an International match

Here are all the occasions where a team conceded or forfeited a match in the International Cricket.

Australia team 1996 ODI WC
Australia team 1996 ODI WC. (PhotoSource: Shaun Botterill/Allsport)

Cricket is surely an uncertain sport thanks to the various number of formats it has approved till date. Sometimes the result can be determined in less than an hour thanks to rain-affected T20s and on some occasions, neither of the team wins even after playing for five or even more days. At the same time, the winner can be announced even before the game gets started or finished if one of the teams decides to give up due to various reasons. Such instances have been quite rare when it comes to International Cricket and has not happened in the last decade.

Here are all the occasions where a team conceded or forfeited a match in the International Cricket:

5. England vs Pakistan in 2001

Waqar Younis
Waqar Younis. (Photo by David Munden/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

England took on Pakistan in the 7th game of the 2001 NatWest Tri-series after they lost a chance of featuring in the final. Pakistan, who won the toss, invited England to bat first and bundled out them for 156 thanks to Waqar Younis’ 7-wicket haul in a single spell. Pakistan were 153/4 in 39.5 overs and further needed just four runs. At this point, a large number of spectators invaded the Headingley pitch.

The players and umpires tried to find safe places but the invasion turned to be quite violent as a ground steward was injured badly and was taken to the hospital. The steward was kicked in his stomach and head by the mob resulting in broken ribs and a damaged spleen. The England skipper Alex Stewart decided against resuming the game and instead conceded the match to Pakistan.


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