5 most dangerous pitches in Cricket

5 Most dangerous cricket pitches

5 Most dangerous cricket pitches: The contest between the bat and the ball, the simplest way to define cricket. Only if it was the same in operation. Several factors like weather, ground, pitch, and dew, determine the way a cricket match is to unfold. And these also lend the much required aspect of unpredictability to a game. The gentleman’s game is perhaps the most impacted by the nature of the surface you are playing on, than any other sport.

And despite the general trend of flatter pitches allover the world, there are still tracks who have retained their venom and are a challenge to the best of the batsmen. A pitch with uneven bounce or an odd behaving surface can be quite dangerous for the batting side. Batsmen allover the world can take this article as a warning or in their interests by a wise man.

The most dangerous pitches in Cricket:

1. P. Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo:

Colombo Pitch

India played a warm-up match against the Sri Lankan Board XI at the P. Saravanamuttu Stadium (also known as the Colombo Oval) before the real series back in 2001. The first two days were pretty normal and the Sri Lankan Board XI managed to get 326 runs on the board before being bowled out. However, on the third day, the bounce became quite odd and the ball rose almost to the shoulder level even from good length! The match was then called off just after 0.2 overs of the third day and the umpires stated that the P. Saravanamuttu Stadium pitch was not fit for play and was dangerous.