5 reasons why IPL 2019 has not lived up to its expectations

All its 11 seasons has stayed true to its hype but this season is hampered by some issues and it has to be solved quickly.

Rajasthan Royals
Rajasthan Royals. (Photo: IANS)

From two weeks there are intense discussions going on at every tea-stalls and street corner about the biggest carnival of Indian cricket, Indian Premier League. It is the time of year when meetings are canceled, classes are bunked and night parties are scrapped. With each passing season, the IPL has spread like a wildfire into the hearts of people. The tussle between the 8 teams is getting into the next phase, and the fans are also getting more engrossed into the action.

The atmosphere has been electrifying as the stadiums have been full even during the day games. It is amazing to see how the audience has connected with this format, and now they have formed an indomitable bond with this league. IPL is never short of surprises and that has made this league more interesting. Even with its popularity IPL 2019 began with its fair share of challenges and at its halfway mark it has lost some of the charms.

Here are the five reasons why IPL 2019 has not lived up to its expectations

1) Already a couple of teams are almost out of playoff contention

Royal Challengers Bangalore
Royal Challengers Bangalore. (Photo: IANS)

In IPL, all the 8 franchises have balanced sides, and on a given day any team can experience the taste of victory. As it is a long tournament which is played over 7 weeks the fans enjoy its unpredictability. In most of the previous seasons, the last 4 have been decided in the final week of the league phase.

This year RCB seems to have reached an impasse, and RR has not been able to beat the morning blues from the first match against KXIP. The Kohli led side has lost all their 6 matches, and the Royals have lost 4 out of 5 ties. It will be an uphill task for these two sides to make it to the playoffs, but it looks almost impossible which makes only 6 teams fighting it out for the remaining games.


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