'5 taka mask here is being sold for 50'- Rubel Hossain lashes out after companies increase prices amid Coronavirus outbreak

‘5 taka mask here is being sold for 50’- Rubel Hossain lashes out after companies increase prices amid Coronavirus outbreak

The prices of masks and sanitizers have been increased due to high demand.

Rubel Hossain
Rubel Hossain. (Photo Source: Twitter)

COVID-19 pandemic has made things bad to worse for human life. So, the government of several countries have requested the people to use necessary precautions to stay safe from getting infected by the threatening virus. They have asked citizens to use sanitizers and masks that will protect them from the same.

Meanwhile, the companies have found it a great chance to utilize this opportunity by increasing the prices of all the essential items. And, now Rubel Houssain, the fast bowler from Bangladesh has lashed out at all of them in his latest social media post.

International Cricket Council has postponed or brought all the competitions to a halt. Even BCCI has also postponed Indian Premier League 2020 edition to mid-April. Also, there still are doubts over its commencement as the confirmed decision is yet to be taken by the cricket board. Not only cricket but other sports too have been immensely affected due to the same.

There is a situation of emergency across the globe as the Coronavirus is spreading at a very high pace. Moreover, the researchers have not got any breakthrough in their research to develop a vaccination to protect people from it. However, the government have shared guidelines like to wear masks, use sanitizers and many more as a part of precautions. This all has given a significant rise to the sales of masks and sanitizers. Hence, companies have increased their prices in order to earn more profits in such a critical situation.

Rubel Hossain unimpressed with the behaviour of companies

This sort of professionalism of companies didn’t go down well with Bangladesh fast bowler, Rubel Hossain. He took to his Facebook handle and wrote a long message in Bangla taking a dig at it. In countries like China due to Coronavirus outbreak, the prices of masks have been reduced. But, in Bangladesh, a 5 taka mask is being sold at a 50.

Hossain’s post read– “We are a greedy and cruel nation. A big disaster in China has reduced the price of the mask, because they are human. And 5 rupees mask here (Bangladesh) is being sold for 50 taka, and 20 taka mask for 100 or 150 taka. Because we are greedy inhuman,” Rubel wrote in his Facebook post.

“Remembering those brave children of loneliness, whose efforts we have got this freedom. But today we are not the same. Why? The Price of mask, jewellery, and grocery market is increasing. Shame on those greedy traders who are making artificial crisis, they are actually the virus of the country.”