5 Things to look forward to in IPL 2016

5 Things to look forward to in IPL 2016

The ninth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is set to take Indian cricket by storm. And not for the first time. While excitement has always been a major feature of the IPL, there is something special about this edition. New players, new venues and not to forget, new commentators are expected to add to the fabric of the IPL. With the excitement and the uproar already in the air, we take a look at five things to look forward to in the upcoming IPL 2016.

1. Two new teams:

Rising Pune Super Giants
Skipper MS Dhoni and batsman Ajinkya Rahane unvielded the Rising Pune Super Giants jersey for IPL 2016. (Photo Source: Twitter)

For the first time in IPL history, we will be without two of perhaps the most prolific teams. Following a Supreme Court ruling, the Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals were suspended. However, in their place two new and exciting franchises have emerged. It seems as though the split of the remains of the Chennai Super Kings has thus been divided into the Rising Pune Supergiants and the Gujarat Lions. Although they are making their debuts in the IPL, these two sides boast of players who have featured rather prominently in the IPL. Therefore, it remains to be seen the exact impact both these sides bring in the context of the IPL.

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