5 times when cricketers almost wrestled on the field

5 times when cricketers almost wrestled on the field

Over the years, the gentlemen's game has also witnessed some ugly incidents on field.

2. Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi during India vs Pakistan in Kanpur, 2007

It is no hidden fact that when India and Pakistan play against each other, the emotions of the players on the field, trying to win the game for their country run high. The same happened in the Indian vs Pakistan One Day International match in 2007, when Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi took on each other in the middle of the game. Verbal exchanges between the two players had been going on throughout the game before the incident happened and anyone with a bit of an idea about how India-Pakistan games have unfolded earlier must have gotten a sense that things were about to go out of hand soon. And things did go out of hand.

On the 3rd delivery of the 19th over of the Indian batting inning, Gautam edged a ball past the keeper and ran for a single. While it can be left for the people to decide who was at fault as the two ran into each other as Gautam was completing a single, one thing was sure that what happened after that shouldn’t have happed on the cricket field.

Especially when the two players who are highly popular among cricket fans are playing at the highest level. Both the players engaged in an all-out verbal duel and didn’t seem to stop unless the umpires came in.