5 Worst dismissals in cricket history

The batters somehow managed to goof up and give their wickets away.

Azhar Ali's dismissal

Azhar Ali’s dismissal. (Photo Source: Twitter)

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Azhar Ali's dismissal
Azhar Ali’s dismissal. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Though cricket is a tense sport on the field there have been many instances of bizarre and funny dismissals in the game.

Getting out is a basic element in cricket. But sometimes this basic element becomes funny or bizarre. Cricket is a gentleman’s game but it also becomes funny sometimes.

There have been many instances where batsmen got out in a way that made the audience, the commentators and of course, the players laugh or get shocked.

Do you want a similar feeling too?

So here are the 5 worst dismissals in the history of cricket:

1. AB de Villiers getting run out

AB de Villiers run-out
AB de Villiers run-out. (Photo Source: YouTube)

Getting run out is the most regretful way to lose a wicket for a batsman. And this one was something that happened in a very embarrassing manner with the South African legend AB de Villiers.

So de Villiers tried to play a shot to the Zimbabwean spinner towards fine leg, but the ball actually didn’t middle his bat. It edged and the keeper wasn’t able to collect it.

De Villiers thought that the ball went passing the keeper and so he tried for a run. But the keeper actually stopped the ball with his leg and he made no mistake by getting AB de Villiers run out.

Watch the video here:

 2. Glenn Maxwell’s unbelievable leave

Glenn Maxwell Wicket
Glenn Maxwell Wicket. (Photo Source: YouTube)

Glenn Maxwell is one of the most entertaining batsmen in the world. With his hard-hitting skills, he can give nightmares to any opposition in the world. But this time he got involved in one of the funniest leaves in cricket history.

Leaving the ball is an art in cricket. But it turned out to be quite funny when Maxwell did it in the Big Bash League.

So the game was between Melbourne Stars and Brisbane Heat. Maxwell came out to bat for the Stars. The bowler, Ryan Duffield bowled an inswinger which was completely misjudged by Maxwell and he got bowled in a very embarrassing way.

Watch the video here:

(Don’t miss the hilarious reaction of McGrath and Gilchrist at the end)

3. Amit Mishra’s infamous run-out

Run-out. (Photo Source: YouTube)

We all know about this hilarious moment of IPL 2014, where in a match between Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad Amit Mishra got run out in the most comic way in IPL history.

In the match, Amit Mishra was batting for SRH. James Faulkner delivered a ball to him which Mishra missed and he came out of the crease as he tried for a single. But his partner Irfan Pathan refused the single. As Mishra was out of the crease, Samson aimed for a direct hit which he missed. The ball went to Faulkner but Mishra still didn’t try to get into the crease showing his disappointment for not taking a single to Irfan Pathan.

Faulkner tried for a direct hit too and even he missed it! The ball again went to Samson and he threw the ball on the stumps and guess what? Amit Mishra was run out this time.

Well I know that you might have watched it earlier many times, but you can watch it here again if you want to laugh a bit more:

 4. Azhar Ali’s absent-minded run out

Azhar Ali's dismissal
Azhar Ali’s dismissal. (Photo Source: Twitter)

So this was a match between Australia and Pakistan where Azhar Ali edged a delivery bowled by Peter Siddle and the ball went through the slips, rolling towards the boundary rope. Azhar and his partner, Asad Shafiq assumed that the ball went for a four.

But it actually stopped just near the boundary where Mitchell Starc collected it and threw it towards Tim Paine. Meanwhile, Azhar and Shafiq were out of the crease to have a discussion. Paine used the chance to get Ali run out.

When Azhar Ali was asked about the incident in the press conference, he said, “My son is going to speak about it [the run out] for a long time and in a funny way.”

Watch the video here:

 5. AB de Villiers getting out bizarrely

Mohammad Ashraful and AB de Villiers
Mohammad Ashraful and AB de Villiers. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

This thing happens with all of us in ‘Gully Cricket’ or ‘Street Cricket’. However, this time around, it happened in a Test match between South Africa and Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi bowler, Mohammad Ashraful bowled a ball that bounced twice before reaching de Villiers.

AB de Villiers did hit the ball which went high in the air and was caught by Ashraful himself. Bemused the surprised, de Villiers stood on the crease to say that it was a no-ball.

But the umpire claimed that the ball bounced for the second time inside the popping crease. As per the rules, if the ball bounces inside the popping crease for the second time then it’s a fair delivery.

Watch the video here:

~ Written by Rudraksh