7 Great commentators who were not so great Cricketers

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7 Great commentators who were not so great Cricketers: The role of commentators is integral in any sport. It’s even bigger in cricket with the frequent changes in strategy and breaks in play. Commentators not only lend their voice to cricket matches but also ensure that the listeners are enjoying the description they provide. To be a great commentator you almost had to be good cricketer, but that was in the past. One look at the world of commentary these days would be enough to tell you that it is not imperative to be a big name to excel here. All you require is presence of mind and an engaging voice. And those are not attributes limited to those who have good numbers at international level.

Here we list 7 Great commentators who were not so great Cricketers:

1. Simon Hughes


Simon Hughes is a former English Cricketer and sports journalist. He was nicknamed ‘The Analyst’. He was a fast medium bowler who played for Middlesex from 1980-1991. In his first-class career Hughes took 466 wickets in 205 matches with an amazing bowling average of 32.48 but never got to represent England. Initially, he worked as a full-time sports commentator and column writer for The Independent and the Daily Telegraph in England. He then made his career as the commentator for Channel 4 which aired its services in England from 1999-2005 and then in 2006, he moved to Channel 5. Simon Hughes has been working for BBC’s Test match special from 2007 till date.

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