A letter to India’s new Test Captain Virat Kohli from a cricket lover

A letter to India’s new Test Captain Virat Kohli from a cricket lover

A letter to India’s new Test Captain Virat Kohli from a cricket lover:

Dear Virat,
Before I write anything first let me congratulate you for becoming India’s new Test captain and the most followed Indian sportsperson on Twitter. At an age of 26, when most of us find it tough to stamp their authority in particular professions you have reached the pinnacle point of your career.

You are scoring runs for fun and gleefully tormenting the bowlers all around the world. In the last couple of years, you have become the stentorian figure of the team and the fright among the opposition team is quiet evident every time you take guard on the 22 yards. You have captivated one and all by the self belief you have shown in your adroitness and most importantly through your cricket you have brought happiness to millions of Indian fans, provided them with respite from their otherwise stressful life.

Test Captain Virat Kolhi
Virat Kohli has not only scored runs but gained millions of fans, one such fans writes a letter to him. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

I have followed your game diligently over the years and have watched you transformed from a brasher Delhi lad to the piece-the-resistance of World cricket. I remember you saying “Sachin has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years so it’s about time we carry him on our shoulders” just after MS Dhoni had hit the world cup winning six.

Those were magnificent words from a wonderful individual which you are, and the burden you talked about then has gradually shifted from Sachin’s shoulder to Dhoni and onto your broad shoulder now. Dhoni will probably step down from captaincy in the shorter format too after the World Cup and the baton will completely shift to you.

That will be the new beginning of Indian Cricket as Dhoni was the last link between the noughties and the illustrious FAB 5. The KOHLI ERA will commence after the World Cup and the most significant part of your career will begin.

Itinerary thus far has been unblemished for you but the Litmus test of captaining India lies ahead and as Michael Clarke recently pointed out that it is one of the most challenging jobs in the world of sports. You will have to go through the mental trauma of captaincy which involves Challenge of managing different egos in side, Challenge of getting the best out of the individuals, Challenge of finding the right balance of team, Challenge of handling nasty questions from our stern media and amidst all these challenges you will have to concentrate on your batting too.

Even the great Sachin Tendulkar found the burden of captaincy too hot to handle, the batting of Sourav Ganguly was never same once he became the captain and MSD’s hair turned grey as a result of the pressure of captaincy. So, surely expect the unexpected coming your way as the captain of the Indian cricket team as the nation will expect you to be a wee better than all these three .

There will be time when things won’t go according to the plan, team won’t perform according to its prowess and players won’t live up to their expectations, at times the lacklustre attitude of some player might force you to yell at him but instead of going berserk at the lad put your hand around his shoulder. Creating a healthy dressing room atmosphere will be your responsibility, an atmosphere in which every player feels comfortable and cherishes to be in that environment. Set example for rest to follow. Be the first one to go onto the training ground and last one to return. Don’t just talk instead, Walk the talk. Be the person on and off the field youngsters can look up to and Idolize!

Virat you are a naturally aggressive cricketer and there is a very thin line in being aggressive and over aggressive and at times I feel you cross that thin line on field. You might deny it but that verbal banter on the field affects your game as it certainly did in the first innings of the MCG test when the throw from Mitchell Johnson hit your body and it annoyed you which resulted in loss of concentration and ultimately to some false strokes, fortunately you survived. Instead of sinking in emotions at times just let the bat do the talking.

After Dhoni (AD)era has started in Indian Cricket, It is your time , your era , your epoch grab it with both hands and replicate the sorcery of Virat the batsman as Virat the leader too. Take Indian cricket to the new heights and become immortal in the memories of the entire cricket universe.
Remember, if MS Dhoni was the STEVE WAUGH of Indian cricket you have the opportunity to become Ricky Ponting of Indian cricket.

All the Best mate ! go out there and perform like a champion like you always do and make our country proud. Cheers !