Aakash Chopra appeals to up the security measures at grounds

Aakash Chopra appeals to up the security measures at grounds

The incidents where fans have been intruding the pitch has increased a lot of late.

Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Cricket is a religion in India and there are no second thoughts about that. The fans consider cricketers to be demigods and adore them. The love towards the eleven members on the field is unimaginable. This grows manifold in the case of popular cricketers like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and a few others.

This trio is extremely famous and has got huge fan bases. In fact, some of the fans breach the security in the cricket grounds and rush into the middle to meet these cricketers or to click a selfie with them. However, this has become a huge point of concern now, according to former cricketer and analyst Aakash Chopra.

Aakash Chopra opines that it could be a potential threat to the players

There is extremely tight security that is maintained around the cricketers. However, the fans in recent times have made it an opportunity to see their favourite players face-to-face while they were on the field. On several occasions now, fans were seen rushing on to the field to meet MS Dhoni. In the last few days, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have joined this league.

While there were two fans who met Kohli on the field in the last 15 days, one in the Rajkot Test and the other in the Hyderabad Test, one fan greeted Rohit in Bengaluru during the Vijay Hazare quarterfinals. Although the motives and intentions are not to cause any harm to the players, Aakash Chopra feels that it could cause a potential threat to them.

“Lately too many fans have managed to reach the middle of the pitch….genuine concern. Please keep the players safe…. #Kohli #Rohit #MSD,” he wrote in his recent tweet.

“How come a player is unsafe with a fan!!! Are u a bunch of God in ur own world?,” a fan questioned the former cricketer after the earlier tweet.

To this, Chopra replied: “How do you know the motive of the person invading the pitch? Nothing has happened thus far…but what’s the guarantee that nothing will ever happen?”

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