Accused of raping a sleeping woman, Alex Hepburn breaks down in court

Accused of raping a sleeping woman, Alex Hepburn breaks down in court

The trial continues in Worcester Crown Court.

Alex Hepburn
Alex Hepburn. (Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images)

Worcestershire cricketer Alex Hepbrun has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. He is accused of attacking a sleeping woman after she had consensual sex with his teammate Joe Clarke. Though the cricketer has denied all the allegations saying that the victim was aware of what was happening, Alex has been charged with rape case. During the hearing, he also broke down while stating his side and also went on to accuse the victim of enjoying at that point.

The woman, however, has said that she thought it was Joe in her bed and hence had sex and was completely unknown that he went to be sick and was replaced by Alex. The incident happened following a night out in April 2017. Hepburn has been suspended since then and the case is going on at the moment.

Alex Hepburn told the jurors that the victim opened her eyes and kissed him before enjoying a consensual sex for close to 20 minutes and then said, “You just raped me you sick b****rd.”

I was shocked

The 23-year-old also denied in believing that he is ‘God’s gift to the women of Worcester’ and once again claimed that the woman knew that she wasn’t sleeping with Joe. “After I had got myself into bed, that’s when I first realised that there was a woman in the bed. The lighting was dim. You couldn’t make out the door on the other side of the room but you could see what was in front of you and around. She rolled over towards me. She kissed me,” Alex Hepburn said to Worcester Crown Court while crying.

Earlier the court had heard how Clarke and Hepburn had started a sexual conquest game by setting up a WhatsApp group ‘Stat Chat.’ The latter also went on to say that he had set up the rules of the group for just fun and admitted of having threesomes with Clarke. However, he denied raping a woman out of desperation to win the contest.

“The competition was about sleeping with different women. I am completely embarrassed, my family has had to see them. It was nothing more than just immature chat between friends. It didn’t mean anything and it was us bragging to each other,” Hepburn added as the trial continues.

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