Adams nails 12 runs in 1 ball to win it for Auckland Aces

Adams nails 12 runs in 1 ball to win it for Auckland Aces

One of the most amazing finishes you will see in cricket, 12 runs scored of the last ball to win the match. Andre Adams of the Auckland Aces hit a four and a six to win the game. At one point needing 12 off the last two and the penultimate ball was a dot.

Even the commentators wrote them off quoting, “It’s over for the AK’s.” That moment something unusual happened. The bowler too casual and in ease of having already secured the game bowled a full-toss which was eventually a way to high and was called a no ball. Adams got a thick outside edge and the ball went past the wicket keeper beating the third man into the fence.

As per rules of New Zealand domestic cricket two runs are awarded off a no ball. So it was 6 of this one and they needed another six to win it. The bowler missed this time as well and was in the slot and Adams just killed it, off she went into the stands over the head of the long-off fielder.

Adams was the man of the moment, got a win out of no where and gave his team one of the best finishes.

Note : In NZ Domestic T20 rule No Ball = 2 runs.