Ambulance stopped for IPL convoy to pass in Ahmedabad; video goes viral but police denies

Ambulance stopped for IPL convoy to pass in Ahmedabad; video goes viral but police denies

The viral video has reached to a lot of people who are fuming over IPL now.

IPL Team Bus
IPL Team Bus. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was finally suspended on Tuesday after COVID cases within the bio-bubble. The tournament was already under scrutiny for being played amidst health emergency like situation in India. And now a video of an ambulance being stopped for IPL convoy to pass in Ahmedabad has gone viral which has left the people fuming.

The T20 extravaganza was in progress in Delhi and Ahmedabad, two states were COVID-19 cases are at its peak, when it was decided to suspend indefinitely. However, soon after the suspension was announced, a video went viral on social media in which the police could be seen stopping an ambulance for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) bus to pass first.

This is an attempt to tarnish the image of police, says Joint Commissioner of Police

Meanwhile, the Joint Commissioner of Ahmedabad, Mayanksinh has clearly denied any such happening in the city. He claimed that the police will never stop the ambulance for any VIP convoy and reckoned that there is some confusion. He also went on to add that this could be an attempt to malign police as well.

“We have seen the video and are yet to verify whether the traffic at the said junction was stopped by Traffic Police or Ahmedabad Police. The police will never stop an ambulance on its way for any VIP convoy, be it of IPL players or any minister. We even don’t stop hearse vans for convoys.

“The case could be of momentary confusion. This is a malicious attempt to tarnish the image of police with fake and defamatory video,” Mayanksinh said while speaking to the Indian Express. Another senior police official explained that the video, in no way, tells if the ambulance was in a hurry as there was no siren being used to make way for it.

Moreover, he also explored that it could be a case of ambulance only arriving at the traffic junction while the convoy was passing and it had to wait just for 5-6 seconds.