An Indian Twitter user tweets 'Kalu is not always a racist slur'; Darren Sammy responds

An Indian Twitter user tweets ‘Kalu is not always a racist slur’; Darren Sammy responds

Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle also called for equal rights and respect.

Darren Sammy
Darren Sammy. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Darren Sammy, the former West Indies skipper has got mixed reactions from the fans for claiming that he was called ‘Kalu’ by his Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) teammates while he was playing for that franchise. Now, he has come out saying that such words should not be used if there is any kind of racist slur associated with the same.

The demise of George Floyd, an African-American, in the police custody has given a boost to massive outrage in the people. And, it has also triggered anti-racism protests around the world. Many people have shared their views over the same on social media platforms as well. Meanwhile, West Indies cricketers like Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, and Darren Sammy have given a fitting reaction over the racism that is still going in some parts of the world.

Darren Sammy feels that particular word should never be used

Recently, a user took to his Twitter handle and tried to explain the two way meaning of “Kalu”. He said that it is not a racist word. As per him, it is too often used in Indian families. That user also gave an example saying that his late grandma used to call him “Kalu”. He just wanted Sammy to know it is sometimes used in an affectionate manner as well.

His tweet read, “@darensammy88 Just so that you know, “Kalu” is NOT always a racist slur. It’d also be an endearing term used in Indian families. My late grandma used to call me that. It depends on the context/tone. Yes, it could be racist. Not always,” a social media user wrote.

West Indies all-rounder responded to that tweet saying that in any way it should not be used if the racist slur is associated with it. His reply read, “So if there can be a racist slur to it I don’t think it should be used.”

Here is the conversation:

Sammy recently shared a clip in which he demanded an apology from all those SRH players who used to call him Kalu. Moreover, he also gave a cold warning to them that they should soon accept their mistake before he starts taking their names on social media.