Ashes 2019: Umpires decide to play without bails due to the strong winds

Ashes 2019: Umpires decide to play without bails due to the strong winds

Removing the bails is allowed as per the laws of the game.

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A bizarre incident took place during the fourth Ashes Test when the umpires decided to play without the bails. In cricket, bails form quite a significant part of the game despite being small in size. However, the conditions in Manchester forced the umpires to take unprecedented action. There were passing showers throughout the day at the venue and play had to be stopped on multiple occasion.

Accompanying the rain were some really strong winds. These winds created a ruckus in the 32nd over which was bowled by Stuart Broad. The pacer already seemed extremely grumpy about bowling into the winds and clearly wasn’t impressed. Further, he was even more infuriated when these winds brought together a chips packet just as he was beginning to run into bowl the fourth ball. Then, a chocolate wrapper was blown into the centre and Marnus Labuschagne pulled out once again when the bowler began his run-up.

Stuart Broad seemed bewildered about playing without bails

Later, these strong winds also knocked the bails down. The fast bowler, on this occasion, didn’t begin his run-up and keenly watched how things unfolded. The square-leg umpire, Kumar Dharmasena, tried to put the bails back in their place. However, the winds refused to relent and knocked them down once more. Thus, Kumar decided to take off the bails at both the ends and resume the action. This move is supported by the laws of the game.

According to Article 8.5: The umpires may agree to dispense the use of bails, if necessary. If they do agree then no bails shall be used at either end. The use of bails shall be resumed as soon as conditions permit.

However, the England players weren’t impressed with the umpires to so. Stuart Broad was clearly bemused and was complaining throughout that over. Even skipper Joe Root had a word with the other umpire Marias Erasmus about the playing conditions without the bails. At the end of the over, Broad tried to explain to the umpires that the few inches without the bails could make a significant difference if the ball just goes above the wickets.

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