Australia vs New Zealand: Ball gets stuck in Trent Boult's pad, leaves Nathan Lyon in splits

Australia vs New Zealand: Ball gets stuck in Trent Boult’s pad, leaves Nathan Lyon in splits

It is not the first time that Tent Boult has had such an experience on the field.

Nathan Lyon and Trent Boult
Nathan Lyon and Trent Boult. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Australia vs New Zealand Test series being played down under is providing the viewers with amusement every day. And, it was no different on the third day of the ongoing Test match, that saw Trent Boult in the focus of the camera for his amusing act on the field.

On the third ball of the 53rd over, the Kiwi pacer, who was wielding a bat in his hands, showing off his skills in that department, trying to flick a delivery, edged it and it got stuck in the space between his thighs and the pad’s flap. The very next moment saw Boult searching the ball, not realising that it was stuck in his own pads. When the batsman realised that the ball was stuck in his pads, he dropped it and following it, everyone shared a light moment on the field.

Trent Boult loses track of the ball

The delivery had been bowled by Mitchell Starc, and the ball slipped out of his hands and at a speed of 151.3 kmph, rocketed into Boult’s body line. The batsman cramped for room to complete the attempted flick, edged the ball and got it stuck in his pads.

And what followed was enough action to make everyone witnessing the happening have a laugh. Even the commentators had lost track of the ball and it wasn’t until Boult dropped the ball out of his pads that they realised what had happened. And, they were also left amused by Boult’s reaction.

Trent Boult himself, after finding the ball stuck in his pads had a laugh along with everyone on the field including his batting partner at the other end. But, the one who seemed to enjoy the most was the Aussie spinner, Nathan Lyon. The 32-year-old spinner was spotted by the cameraman, laughing his lungs out after the drama unfolded.

It is not the first time that Tent Boult has had such an experience on the field. During a Test series against Sri Lanka in August earlier this year, the ball had gotten stuck in his helmet’s grill. That event too had left everyone watching from in and out of the field, laughing out loud.

With the Kiwi batsmen failing to pull off anything special in their first inning of the ongoing match, it will be the responsibility of Boult to lead the pack of Kiwi bowlers and stop the Australians before things go out of hand in the match.

Here’s the video: