Axar Patel reveals the reason for the unusual spelling of his name

Axar Patel reveals the reason for the unusual spelling of his name

Axar, Hardik and KL Rahul were having a chitchat on their flight to Bangalore.

Axar Patel
Axar Patel. (Photo Source: Twitter)

‘Unstoppable’ is the appropriate word to describe the current form of the Indian team, who have outplayed their Australian counterparts and have won the 5 match ODI series with 2 games to spare. Virat Kohli‘s men, who are an en route to a whitewash, were seen having some fun on their flight to Bangalore, where the 4th and the penultimate ODI is to be played.

In the video three of India’s promising talents in KL Rahul, Axar Patel and the man of the moment Hardik Pandya were seen indulged in a friendly conversation, with Rahul playing the host of the show. After talking about the great victory and moving on to Bengaluru, a place Rahul is very familiar with and Hardik loves, they moved on to a rather interesting topic.

Rahul asked Axar about the reason for his name’s unusual spelling, which is usually written as ‘Akshar’. “Please tell us the story behind your name. India wants to know. Is it Axar or Akshar Patel? Please explain,” asked the batsman. The all-rounder from Anand, Gujarat obliged “I was in Bangalore when we were preparing for the U-19 World Cup, and I had to make my passport.”

A blunder from the principal

“My dad went to the principal, who in the certificate wrote my name as ‘Axar’. I made up my mind then that from now onwards, I won’t write ‘Akshar’ but ‘Axar’,” he continued, as Hardik and KL mocked him by calling him- the axe effect. Rahul then explained to Axar “It might stick bro. You do well and people tag you, saying the axe effect.” The focus then shifted on KL, but it was interesting to know how a major blunder from the principal changed the spelling of Axar’s name.

Watch the video here.