Bangladesh players' reaction was dirty: Priyam Garg after U19 World Cup controversy

Bangladesh players’ reaction was dirty: Priyam Garg after U19 World Cup controversy

ICC has taken the matter very seriously.

Priyam Garg
(Photo Source: Twitter)

The final of the ICC U19 World Cup between India and Bangladesh was marred by a controversial incident towards the end. Bangladesh beat India by three wickets to clinch their first-ever ICC U19 World Cup title. But at the end of the thrilling game, the India and Bangladesh players were involved in physical altercations. Pumped up after their historic win, Bangladesh players reportedly made some remarks which did not go down well with the Indian players and it led to ugly scenes.

Players from both the teams were involved in pushing and shoving before the on-field umpires separated them. As per reports, the ICC was not at all impressed with the incident and has taken the issue “seriously”. The governing body of the game will take a final call on the incident after match-referee Graeme Labrooy submits his report.

The incident has been inviting criticism from all around and India U19 captain Priyam Garg also spoke on it. And Garg stated that not the Indian players but the Bangladesh players were to blame for the ugly turn of events. Garg said that India were taking the defeat easily. He then called Bangladesh players’ reaction dirty while also insisting that the incident should not have taken place.

“We were easy. We think it’s part and parcel of the game – you win some and you lose some,” he said. “But their reaction was dirty. I think it shouldn’t have happened. But it’s okay.”

‘Don’t know what actually happened’

Meanwhile, Anil Patel, the Indian team manager, has said that the team management does not have a clear picture on the incident. He also said that the ICC has told the Indian team management that the match referee would be studying the footage of the final minutes of the match and update them on Monday.

“We don’t know what actually happened,” Patel told ESPNcrcinfo. “Everybody was in a shock, absolutely, but we don’t know what happened exactly. The ICC officials are going to watch the footage of the last few minutes and they are going to let us know.”

He further stated that the Indian team management was intending to speak to the match officials. However, the match referee himself came to him and apologized about the incident. Patel also confirmed that ICC has taken the matter very seriously.

“The referee came to me. He was sorry about the incident. He clarified the ICC is going to take very seriously what has happened during the match and the last session and they are going to witness the footage and they will tell us in the morning [on the next step],” he said.